The project

“Promotion of Training in Robotics and of mobility, by the participation in International Competitions in Robotics” ERASMUS+ project aims at testing and transferring the pedagogic approach of “Learning by Competing”, tested by CEPROF, to other VET schools in other European countries.
It has been observed that the students that better perform in classes and that obtain more job opportunities are the ones which were involved in the robotic competitions.


The key objectives are to:

    • create and test innovative teaching methodologies;
    • introduce competition in teaching and learning methods;
    • develop ICT and mobility competencies;
    • promote perseverance and resilience as success tools;
    • develop soft skills and use the motivational effects of robotics to excite students about science and technology.

As a working model, this project will address Robotics as the topic of Learning.
The project will develop 4 training modules on Robotics from basic to advanced level, available online in an e-learning format and free of charge. The modules will be tested and there will be 3 mobility flows to allow the participation in 3 competitions.