EU15 Ltd


EU15 Ltd is a career management, training and software development consultancy (established in 2002) with experience throughout the world gained through working in partnership with organisations – from blue-chip companies to Governments to Universities. EU15 Ltd has specialised in eLearning solutions for both the public and private sectors. With the increasing importance and challenges facing training for “New Age Technologies” EU15 has a keen interest in working to enhance and develop new training methodologies to enhance the skills of a new generation that will need such skills when seeking employment in the future.

EU15 Ltd has already led and managed two EU projects related to the development of training programmes in robots, AI and 3D printing for SMEs. The Managing Director, Dr Paul Quantock, has been working in the United States with The 4Civiltiy Institute and the University of Indiana for the past 2 years self-funding research into the needs of SMEs and the introduction of robots/AI into the workplace. He has extensive experience (over 40 years) of managing EU funded pan-European projects both as a Partner and Promoter. He has over 25 years’ experience of developing, delivering and managing complex training activities and creating effective international training partnerships around the world. His specialism is the creation of interactive multi-media eLearning course materials, and a budding specialism in the use of robotics in SMEs.